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If It Was Oinly Oil @Ukrainian Russian Invasion!


The entire world 🌎 is watching the put in the trash 🗑 demos of ya corrupt trump putting GOP future with ya 🐻 president dictator Rafael Trujillo would be happy for them invading armies from the north south west and soon the east of 🇺🇦! Sanctions are not enough to stop the carnage against Humanity!

Bolsheviks 🐻 Amok! USSR.

Blessings to everyone happy thoughts 👌🏿
Just saying 👌🏿 ⛽️ and this “crisis” 🤷‍♂️ do ya brown white black folks 🤬
After losing all yet I yeti trump at it! Cojones big 🏀 Jajaja crazy assault old man daggers 🗡

Better than this Ya Gotta It Jajaja ✅

Purposely Re Areanged for ya consideration Larry curbed of course okay Jajaja love curb your enthusiasm gracias 🙏 love ❤️

Racist people are all over 👌🏿


Enjoy love ❤️ Day Woohoo 🙌

A Good Laugh 😂 👌🏿


A TikTok special for everyone who has a sense of humor 👌🏿

2nd Amendment Needs Change!

The 🇺🇸 needs to change gun legislation as it is killing us All 🇺🇸🛑🙏