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Zip Codes And Ya President’s Son!


Oprah has her heart ❤️ in the right place and we have Hunter Biden’s hypocrisy!

History Teacher And His Art


Elimination; A 💭!

🪑 on the throne ruminating

About 🚽 and such

Remember that consumption

Can be a healthy endeavor

And gluttony surely will

Lead to obesity diabetes

And ya early gravy train 🚊!

Eliminating is essential for

Everyone should know that

Sitting 🪑 on the throne what

A private affair where ya can be

Yourself relax chill out enjoy

Ya results after the facts come

Out look at and see what

Elimination can do for all of us!

Jajaja remember to always wipe

Ya arse🚽💭😊🙏❤️

Forced Coitus Interruptus!

U can cry about Ukrainian people who are still trying to get by but ya western powers have no clue what to do with put in vlad da slayer for sure gets away with like trump over here also gets away with obvious calls for violence and Insurrectionist trump has seventy plus followers Woohoo 🙌 who believe trump is president and Putin best friends 👌🏿 now American 🇺🇸 people Do y’all understand? 👋 do y’all understand? Hey hey 👋 wake up everybody 👌🏿

Bear 🐻 Claws 🦞 out and About! Plus Other Images.