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June fourth Tianamen Square Massacred bye bye 🪦🇨🇳🧟‍♀️😩🤬💀🇩🇴🇺🇸😎🙏❤️👍✅

Hopefully y’all like and support me brand Theexiledexhorter but nonetheless never forget about the people who died tryna fight for ya humble human rights Never has been about civil rights it’s always been about Humana vidas 👌🏿

Roe v Wade in Poetry!

Crayola And Ink Arts! Morning Edition 🙏🙌🇩🇴🇺🇸😎⏰✅

New Poetry!


Downstairs Neighbor! A Musing.

Downstairs Neighbor! A Musing.

Downstairs Neighbor! A Musing.
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Second 💨💨💨🥴🤢🤬🤮🗡

Lost in the woods!


Ya Real Kools🚬! Tribute To Gwendolyn 🙏❤️🇩🇴🇺🇸😎 – Educator Martin Mr. E. Espinal

Send to everyone else 👌🏿 Ya really kools ya smoke to skool Diss ya mom and attitude to 🥾 Get outta skool to roam sub ways Grumbling tummy hurts munchies too bad for skool lunch 🥗 ya brown brother foolishness is no excuse for ya ways but ya are still young and so Ya gotta…
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