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Year End Poetry.

After all the possibilities were used up “the die was cast” 2020, the year for great 😊 insight due to 2020, always being consistent and all the accompanying 💩 attached to the facts! Nah, we were to be saddled with a president whom refused to do anything about the killing of Black folks and the Covid 19, Trumpence both just sat back! Told followers it’s a Hoax from China 🇨🇳 it’s all a Bunch of crap 💩!

300,000.00 lives have been lost 😡 and many others soon to follow the pandemic lack of response from the very Top; Down the chute Alice goes Where she lands No One Knows!

What a year it has been tragic in scope and mentally we have been strong otherwise death 💀 would be knocking at the 🚪 But Autocrats love the spotlight and damn it the president just Did Not Believe that 😴 Joe Biden Harris could ever beat him at Anything fools game for a misogynistic misanthropic megalomaniac 5 Deferments carnival 🎡 Barker of ya human being So I guess after all the last day meaning today Now has been a terrible year and we are so glad to see this piece of crap 💩 say good bye Hope I never see ya Again! Bye 2020!💩😡💀🥸😊😎💕🎶🙏🐕♒️🎈