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Forced Coitus Interruptus!

U can cry about Ukrainian people who are still trying to get by but ya western powers have no clue what to do with put in vlad da slayer for sure gets away with like trump over here also gets away with obvious calls for violence and Insurrectionist trump has seventy plus followers Woohoo 🙌 who believe trump is president and Putin best friends 👌🏿 now American 🇺🇸 people Do y’all understand? 👋 do y’all understand? Hey hey 👋 wake up everybody 👌🏿

If It Was Oinly Oil @Ukrainian Russian Invasion!


The entire world 🌎 is watching the put in the trash 🗑 demos of ya corrupt trump putting GOP future with ya 🐻 president dictator Rafael Trujillo would be happy for them invading armies from the north south west and soon the east of 🇺🇦! Sanctions are not enough to stop the carnage against Humanity!

Racist people are all over 👌🏿


Enjoy love ❤️ Day Woohoo 🙌

A Good Laugh 😂 👌🏿


A TikTok special for everyone who has a sense of humor 👌🏿

2nd Amendment Needs Change!

The 🇺🇸 needs to change gun legislation as it is killing us All 🇺🇸🛑🙏

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wp-1635708631001.jpg 2,668×3,457 pixels
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👁 on the 🎁 !

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