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New Poetry!


Friday the 13th😈😡😅😆☺

the day started like any other day

may stayed true to its nature rain rain

go away come back another

ways as election mud-terms on its

politrucksters day ! Red blue pride in the

new slate as LGBT have a say

Hey hey celebrate the new day

Friday today it’s a new voice which

DEMANDS A NEW WAY ! Leadership grassroots

Hey man let’s work again for the

New Day activism the only way ! !!

Lost in the woods!


Ya Real Kools🚬! Tribute To Gwendolyn 🙏❤️🇩🇴🇺🇸😎 – Educator Martin Mr. E. Espinal

Send to everyone else 👌🏿 Ya really kools ya smoke to skool Diss ya mom and attitude to 🥾 Get outta skool to roam sub ways Grumbling tummy hurts munchies too bad for skool lunch 🥗 ya brown brother foolishness is no excuse for ya ways but ya are still young and so Ya gotta…
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History Teacher And His Art