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And the rockets 🚀 red glare! Visuals for thoughts.

The Fox 🦊 In The Coward’s House! A Fairy Tale.

Five times the Coward had been unable to catch the elusive fox 🦊 as it knew all the traps, smiling derisively sneering into the night cackling it stood back watching for the Coward to do what he did best! Bombast and blast but the Fox 🦊 knew jajaja All pure gas ⛽! The Coward’s Big Lie perpetrated on the other farmers was fake News and the Fox kNew, that without him the coward has nothing else to do but go on and on how he got Me! Yeah Right ▶️ they prefer to believe his mess and lies. I mean why believe a coward over a Fox 🦊? Everyone knows what I am about would you agree with me on that one. I steal chickens especially yellow ones like that lion 🦁 in the wizard of Oz remember them I also would like to get to the yellow brick road. There now my 🐣 chickadees Papa Fox 🦊 coming for you and your eggs and anything else of value to a fox like me! My name you ask me? Well my friends call me Rupert the Fox 🦊 and what is your name Mr ? Excuse me for a minute or two I got me some chickens to steal! I would check on the Coward’s House he got himself a bunch of papers laying around his basement I know ok remember I’m a Fox stealthy elusive and a thief! I got nothing to hide but if you ask the other farmers around here in Palm Beach that Coward is guilty as sin! With that, the Fox 🦊 took off with his chickens. In the meantime the Coward’s Big Lie grows and grows seemingly as the bear 🐻 and the Panda 🐼 sit by watching the debacle on Fox News and MSNBC!

Fourth of July Considerings! Portraits And Others.

John Adams Was No Slaveholder 👌🏿 And There Are No Statue Of Him! New Art 🖼

16 before 12 Midnight The First Minute of y’all new Day☀️👌🏿🙌❤️🙏☮️♾🇩🇴🇺🇸😎

Juneteenth: A Delayed Reaction By Patriarchy’s Power Over Facts! Trump’s Fake 🗞 And Other Images 🇩🇴🇺🇸😎☮️🙏🏋️‍♀️

Facebook in Da clouds ☁️ and other stuff for consideration! Curbed off course Jajaja.

In The Case Of Mo 🆚 🎭! Me Opinionated Thoughts!

Roe v Wade in Poetry!

Crayola And Ink Arts! Morning Edition 🙏🙌🇩🇴🇺🇸😎⏰✅