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The Folly Of Trumphood! An Observation.

Life is a 🥣 of 🍒🍒🍒 vanilla ice cream 🍦 sublime but when yA are a liar cheat and criminal jail time to end ya life.

Vanilla ice cream and American history go hand in hand awright but the Great Lie perpetrated on the American people is a crime! Poor people truly listening to either side. Seems like we want to be lied and ya know what look at the most recent polls and trump’s Big Lie 🤥 is still resonating and the latest victim The DOJ FBI! The doctor said he would not testify in a Civil Case y’all I will plead the Fifth amendment as my testimony is going to say maybe I committed crimes 😳🤔

No one is more guilty than the great man himself Trump is so darn dumb and arrogant about it that it’s just too funny after he himself said that anyone who took the fifth amendment was guilty of a crime Right? What gives and what I don’t understand is when will the GOP 🤔 take a stance. Duly elected politricksters blab blah blah and the FBI is the new enemy number one! Why? To say My home was raided by the Democrats and please donate $45! Immediately said the email from trump asking me for a donation to the Donald j Trump political PAC. Make America great or fill my pockets with ya money 💰 😱😳 jajaja

Ad Naseum; The Trump Presidency!

Good morning everyone! The president is not working with a full deck but he is smart enough to keep milking his divisive politics by holding rallies into the next year if possible because he has so many lawsuits waiting for him and his family that Russia 🇷🇺 May be a good place to go to considering the facts. The Trump family reunion is going to be a toot! Coke, Diet Coke and 🇵🇪 Gold, Donald Jr and Eric know what I am talking about!