The Moonlight In The Midst Of Love! A New Joint.

The moons moved in cylindrical shapes in and out of the orbit of the sun and as it did so they opened up into the blissful space into which the members entered the Realm of Love! A place like no other where boys became men and women who chose the best course for their lives.Continue reading “The Moonlight In The Midst Of Love! A New Joint.”

😸’S Desires. A love ❤️ poem!

The ball of 🧶 transfixed His gaze and gave way to yearning akin to unrequited love ❤️. Desiring the unattainable, his 🐾 in the Air Reaching, reaching; Across the Divide That breaks the ❤️ Of those who love Completely And are rejected Profusely! Yet tomorrow Unperturbed And Determined Continue Reaching, Reaching!