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Race, Gender And The V.P.!

American Horror Story.

Kamala Harris soon to be the next president of the United States of America has a monumental task in front of her to become a credible leader of the greatest nation in the world 🌎 And somehow some are questioning her capabilities! As attorney general of California she was no joke especially with Black felons ok! No one put Joe Biden s 1994 Crime Bill to work like that sister. Just remember ok! Kamala Harris ain’t no joke and she will serve her masters the same way Barry Obama did hashtag Bailout! Banks and other financial services jajaja 🤣🤣

Dems’ 🥳 But We’d Just Getting 🌟Ed!

As much as you want to tell Jah yourself, about how well the ride back from Hell, was a Success!

But not having the votes to tally; the countless threats to Democracy the continued Mockery’s use! No respect for institutional norms how are the people of the USA 🇺🇸 to trust Government ever again?

Dems’ 🥳 but we are ya getting started! Out of 23, Michael 🇯🇴 please woof, woof; spawned a man 👨 who threw All Conversation to the Winds of Retro 2.0 Yelp recommendations and Nielsen 📺 ratings based on 33.427% of the USA 🇺🇸 popularity quotients.

AOC, not even old enough for the Oval Office is promised 🤗 and 😘 at the podiums of ya powerful forces; ya just hopes the 🧗‍♀️ is beneficial for the people.

Not some Obama Scheme; like the Clinton Legacy and DeBlasio/McCray Brooklyn Grab. The Whole Lot smells so bad, Cuomos stick around ya Also part of the crowds.

Trump I declare that ya know what ya got! 🇺🇸 and the red of the 🌎; Uncle Hoe Bidder is the antidote for the pain wrought by the 1% on the red of us. Blues be damned! I am just wondering if y’all have anything else that Will surprise me? Americans please stop whining and whining about the truth and change course and begin together a better place for the young people and the children of the world 🌍.

Is Trump the guy for the job? Or is Uncle Joe? For me the VP’s are crucial because the two freezes may not remain viable for the 4 year period.

Dems’ celebrations 🎊 Black Lives Matter ✊🏾 is the time for y’all to really discuss this beautiful day and ya know what our future endeavors are truly about; Democratic Revolution is a bust for me and you know what you gotta do, I am voting 🗳 Kamala in view; it’s time for y’all to decide! Stop 🛑 playing, stop playing !