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Perseverance! A Thought In Imagery.

It’s a beautiful day any day wouldn’t you say but somehow there’s a yuge crowd of folks determined to destroy the eagle 🦅 as they cannot believe the will of the people enough Alas, the Threat is internal nowadays Daggers 🗡 🤬

Orange Choppers, A Thought.

On the 📺 show father and son are at each other’s throats, they argue over most things. But isn’t that the way families are? Argumentative and opinionated but the love lurks about. In the case of the white president Trump’s his demeanor comments and outlook point to a different setting. He’s a tough guy incapable of being human as his ghoulishness attests. By that measure, Mary Ann and Fred Trump were very rough on their children however let’s not forget the 5 bankruptcies and 5 deferments; his parents LOVED THE DONALD! As photos proved his own mother was against the white president trump getting into politics as she, his own niece and the judge who did his home work all are against this deeply flawed human being doing so. They know that he is a man child who lacks direction and a ❤️ heart!

46? Maybe So.

Possibly uncle joke Biden will be our next president and I will unwittingly vote for the democratic leadership of America to be in control for the next four years! We have to, despite his unholy marriage to the Chinese. Trump is racist racist not just hateful racist racist but Destructive Hateful to the point of throwing it All to HELL!!