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Royally Cringed.

Watching body language experts on Youtube yesterday break down Prince Andrew’s interview inside the Queen’s palace was so much fun. It’s always gratifying seeing the muckamucks cringe 😬 as their lies and deceptions come to the fore. This dude’s underwear must have been soaking wet by the end of the presser because the lady interrogator was polite and 👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫 professional but Pressure SHE definitely was applying to the tourniquet wrapped around his underage longings in his loins!

Bills Fundsdation Clinton you are extremely lucky 🍀 so far.
Frankly So What? Protocol? For the British Royal Family’s honor. Idc about the Royals but those two horny butterflies 🦋 need some reflection inside a house of jail, imprisoned for Crimes Against Our 👶 youths! Period, 💩!