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A Good Laugh 😂 👌🏿


A TikTok special for everyone who has a sense of humor 👌🏿

2nd Amendment Needs Change!

The 🇺🇸 needs to change gun legislation as it is killing us All 🇺🇸🛑🙏

wp-1635708631001.jpg 2,668×3,457 pixels

wp-1635708631001.jpg 2,668×3,457 pixels
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👁 on the 🎁 !

Just Saying And Other Images!


Race, Gender And The V.P.!

American Horror Story.

Kamala Harris soon to be the next president of the United States of America has a monumental task in front of her to become a credible leader of the greatest nation in the world 🌎 And somehow some are questioning her capabilities! As attorney general of California she was no joke especially with Black felons ok! No one put Joe Biden s 1994 Crime Bill to work like that sister. Just remember ok! Kamala Harris ain’t no joke and she will serve her masters the same way Barry Obama did hashtag Bailout! Banks and other financial services jajaja 🤣🤣

Still At It! Divide And Conquer.🗡🗡🤬👎❤️🇺🇸💯


How Ya Feel?

I am lost confused and don’t

Know what ya should do?

Is it depression or ADHD?

PTSD Ya just don’t know 👌🏿

Mental illness is will be always

Ya yuge thing as life is so

Complex convoluted and confused

But what is ya to do? Complain

Converse or just concentrate

As I am scared confused and don’t

Know what to do? Johnny Depp

Admitted as much but his acolytes

Just guffawed laughed and forgot

About his admission and now

Look what happened to his fame

Delusional thoughts are not funny

Nor normal Dude mental health

Issues are nothing new but we

Must face the ugly truth; mental

Health is an emergency response issue 👌🏿 get help with out delays now y’all rest of US 🙏!

New Renderings Up For Curbed Enthusiasm!

Jokes folks are supposedly doing harm to others 😜🙂🙂😜 get a grip y’all 24 7 ok just joking ok . God how sensitive can 🥫 you be?
Given the opportunity 45 really wants to be an Emperor! Imagine Donnie O’Pharoah 😂😐🤥
Yet parents still inexcusably buy the stuff 🚫🙏
Royally Totally!
Happy Halloween or is it heil 🎯 ler?
At some point 👉☝️ we all look alike 🤣

Big booty’s bounty!