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Under Duress! A Thought πŸ€”

Knowing best he had to do it As the Donald

Under Duress he knows what is best! For the USA

Of course h8ters he has the best friends and the

Next election he’ll be back to work and All this

Mess will be put to rest! It will take time for the

FBI and the DOJ to build up their cases and by

That time the Trump machine will be back in

Tune. Singing maga please please please MAGA please please please! Knowing best under Duress

He had to do it for the benefit of the USA don’t y’all see under Duress he took the files to safe

Guard them from the people of the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

What a guy! Aren’t y’all glad for the Donald j I know I am. Yeah Right πŸ‘

The Roaches In The Cupboard! A Thought.

At the end of the O.Z. the Wizard πŸͺ„ understood

That until the Re- Up the πŸͺ³ roaches would have

To do; woe for the committed Stoner, anxiety

Attack is the number one killer leading to all

Types of stress! The Wizard got off the couch

Potatoes fried mashed video games coke vapes

And as the Wizard reached for the roaches in the

Cupboard a tiny whistle blew and suddenly the

Smell of skunk 🦨 made sense as the coughing

Reached crescendos and the insults for the Wiz

Made the Guy wish for the yellow brick road!

And as the wizard stormed out the roach from

His left pocket came out and we gleefully smoked

Up that 🌴! The wizard came home and whining

Usual suspects of course me! I told him I ain’t got

Sheesh 😬

Dessert Musing And Cake!

Have yA cake and eat it too

It’s what dirty lovers do

Crap on love for lust lasting

A minute or two! It was a mistake

An accident leading to a pregnancy

Doubted to the point that the travesty

Winds up on The Maury Show with

The usual Ya are Not the father! And y’all

Girls running off the TV set. Dirty lovers

Both sides are guilty of the same crime.

Baking cake And Eating it Too! Leaving the rest

Bits and crumbs falling off the kitchen table

Rats scrambling to get a bite before the cats

Come back in to the kitchen. Really the only

Results from the cause and effect of educational malnutrition! Generational pathologically

Mentally physically psychologically morally

What else can be expected from a people never

Truly educated fed lies kept from the table of

Self knowledge and appreciation and the sad

Reality is that the miseducation is nationwide Black white or otherwise! Poor People Phew.

Ignorance is bliss is pure bullcrap for the victor

To spread like peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Just Comply Just Don’t resist! Defund the Police

Resist and don’t comply How dare you FBI DOJ!?

Donald Trump has never said a lie! Never has

Told a lie! The FBI and the department of justice

Hypocrisy And The cake The Cook has never lied

Have yA cake and eat it too! Dirty players like

Cheaters and thieves Always the same never ever

Change! Corruption crimes can’t Comply

Just Comply Just Don’t resist! Just Comply

Bake the cake And eat it too! Eat crow Jim!

For Colored folks who considered suicide when the rainbow 🌈 was not enough?! Self hate causes

Obesity high blood pressure heart disease young

Pregnancy substance abuse domestic violence

Drop outs fake hair nails and low credit rating.

Serve them cake And eat it too! It’s what all

Politricksters do blah blah blah especially when

The election cycle is near but ya gotta be in it

To win it! Dilemma In Harlem USA do ya vote

Or don’t y’all?! To effect change the cause must be defined for the mass support to grow.

Angry white men and women are definitely defined by the former president who is under various indictments yet is the best thing ever for the GOP!?

American people have yA cake And eat it too!

The Man-Child In The Cult! A Thought πŸ€”

Facts, but fake News rules the Roost!
Orange jumpsuits Size XXXL!

Opposites attract and the Man-Child In the field is a prime example for observation. A wealthy silver spoon corrupted son of a sinner developer whose C’s meant Colored! Fredo and Mary knew he was dumb but he was their dumbass and unfortunately once unleashed he wrought vengeance upon US All!

Opposites attract and the right wing is supposedly the best thing about being American! Football and barbecue and the cult of Trump is not a joke okay πŸ‘ jajaja; We may laugh at this stuff but we are in peril for the Cult Of Personality is in play how a Man -Child from Queens who is obsessed with authority has been able to get so many people to believe his bullshit. Here’s a guy who has been consistently lying about anything and everything! In fact he cannot be trusted because he is a Man -Child petulant petty selfish and somewhat innocent with the belief that he knows what he is doing! No one can reason with the guy as he steadfastly believes that he knows what he is doing more than you me or anyone else. What the DOJ and the FBI should have done was tell trump and the world Mr President Trump you can keep the secret files. He would have said I don’t want them! Opposites attract and trump loves to be the devil’s advocate in all things and people like that you have to be the opposite to get them to do what you want.

Opposites attract the vile and the vain Causes corruption to intertwine the social and political as resorts become home to secrets and the world laughs obviously they do because it is pure madness to have a guy who lost an election and still refuses to admit it! The Orange coward is the best salesman ever Why because he is raking in millions from the right wing as he whines and tells lies.

Opposites attract and unfortunately we are witness to the Coward’s Big Lie perpetrated on the American people who are in denial and still refuse Facts! Why The Cult Of Personality and the Trump ♦️!

The Cult Of Personality! A brief view.

No way will I tell y’all about the psychosis behind the actions of hangers on acolytes Lambones guys who hang out with popular friends with power in this case the former president who has a bunch of knucklehead people who are attached to the Trump name. Trump is not the smartest man and due to his arrogance he has been doing well with being the voice of the derailed American dream that his believers crave so much. Played by the Arabs Russians and Chinese interests the Guy is about the money.

In history we have guys like Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Dong and Lenin Hitler Stalin who were revered feared idolized as they terrorized the citizenry and cleansed the population of the ones who dared to want to simply live free! Seems like the dream American or otherwise is not really working out for anyone except the very rich versus poor people WOW what the heck we all know that shit! Same old same old. Idolatry iconic imagery look in the mirror before you go bleep bleep talking bullshit! The Cult Of Personality is a real thing and the former president is no joke Ain’t no joke so folks even if convicted the Guy will run for President and the hangers on acolytes Lambones will be there to cheer his bigotry!

This must stop!

The Coward’s Big Lie Continues To Grow!

Exponentially mathematically infinitely

Deviously potentially definitely criminality

Committed by the former president Aghast

The entire nation should be but instead the Glee

Imagine that Cheney the real Old Guard GOP

Defeated by the Big Lie Continues To infect the

Climate Change of Alaska Georgia Wyoming and

January 6th!? The hypocrisy of the Republican tree is extremely racist and discrimination is the effect from the history and learning from it seems that it will never be! Especially when we see that the Coward’s Big Lie Continues To Grow and the nation suffers from it Eternally!

The Fox 🦊 In The Coward’s House! A Fairy Tale.

Five times the Coward had been unable to catch the elusive fox 🦊 as it knew all the traps, smiling derisively sneering into the night cackling it stood back watching for the Coward to do what he did best! Bombast and blast but the Fox 🦊 knew jajaja All pure gas β›½! The Coward’s Big Lie perpetrated on the other farmers was fake News and the Fox kNew, that without him the coward has nothing else to do but go on and on how he got Me! Yeah Right ▢️ they prefer to believe his mess and lies. I mean why believe a coward over a Fox 🦊? Everyone knows what I am about would you agree with me on that one. I steal chickens especially yellow ones like that lion 🦁 in the wizard of Oz remember them I also would like to get to the yellow brick road. There now my 🐣 chickadees Papa Fox 🦊 coming for you and your eggs and anything else of value to a fox like me! My name you ask me? Well my friends call me Rupert the Fox 🦊 and what is your name Mr ? Excuse me for a minute or two I got me some chickens to steal! I would check on the Coward’s House he got himself a bunch of papers laying around his basement I know ok remember I’m a Fox stealthy elusive and a thief! I got nothing to hide but if you ask the other farmers around here in Palm Beach that Coward is guilty as sin! With that, the Fox 🦊 took off with his chickens. In the meantime the Coward’s Big Lie grows and grows seemingly as the bear 🐻 and the Panda 🐼 sit by watching the debacle on Fox News and MSNBC!

The Coward’s Tale Revisited!

Hubris came home beleaguered and a hero to most but Deep inside the Manchurian candidate went from the boardwalk empire to the king’s mountaintop to consult with the Bear 🐨 and the Panda 🐼 as the eagle πŸ¦… soared nearby.

Dumbfounded Hubris asked the Coward for advice and the look from the former president was priceless! Ya asking Me for advice? Don’t ya see I am up to my eyeballs in trouble from NYC Georgia Washington DC and even my own house! Ask Rudy for advice he’s the man to see πŸ™ˆ.

The Coward’s Big Lie perpetrated on the people of the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜Ž

Ten Three Or Twenty Years In Prison! A Thought.

Brazenly stupidly arrogantly obviously why would anyone dare to take home to Mar A Lago secret files belonging to the National Archives!

Top secret and then the Coward’s Tale is ongoing and the hubris beyond belief! What was the game plan for the tomfoolery and the Crimes against the United States of America! Take the fifth amendment more than one hundred times to avoid admitting to the possible crimes What a guy πŸ˜œπŸ˜‘πŸ€¬βš–οΈβš”οΈ

The Lady Justice βš–οΈβš”οΈ, A Coward’s Tale.

Qui pro domina justitia sequitur

The Lady Justice declared to the Coward who

Dared to incite a crowd of thugs whom

Then defiled the Halls of Justice by taking

Hostage Democracy while coup d’etat and

Caveat emptor stared at the American people

Laughing uproariously Quid pro quo!?

No way Jose! The Coward’s Tale is ongoing

Just today one of those thugs tried to kill

FBI agents and proudly posted it on the

Coward ‘s social media site, this crap can’t

Be made up! Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Former president of the USA is under indictments

And pleading the fifth amendment come on Man

Really?! Yes qui pro domina justitia sequitur no.

Truth is stranger than fiction indeed!