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GOP Hypocrisy And Black Men! My Take.

“Mandingo” was a movie starring Ken Norton the boxing champion where he played a stud. His job was to impregnate the female slaves. Jimmy the Greek got his job taken due to comments deemed too much. I remember that on April 4th, 1978 at university the film was going to be shown to the student body and we took a stand which kept the movie out. Mandingo was barred due to its racist content. For too many years Black Men have been the masochist in a morbid affair with the white men playing the Sadist! As we know some people are into different things and when it comes to sex ya never know. But one thing we do know is that white people always say If y’all Only Complied everything would be just fine! Just Comply Just Comply Boy! Just Comply! Don’t fight the police. How dare y’all call for defunding the police! What nerve!

Defund the FBI and the DOJ! Trump supporters call for the FBI and the rest of the justice department to be defunded ASAP! The GOP the party of One Man Rules really?!

The Coward’s Tale! A Visual View

Both sides of the aisle are not doing enough to achieve the goal in the photo above!


The Bismarck Of India!

The unifier who took 525 departments in order to create 1 🇮🇳 India, Nehru and the Mahatma knew that Patel was the only one with the Cojones to put together so many disparate groups. We honor Unity in our world as our USA goes deep into the chasms of ignominy! Good tidings to all lovers of the Human Race.🙏♒️🐕☮️💕💯