Paraphrasing Gil’s Truths! A Musing.

See ya nation standing there

Running scared it has a major

Problem and it’s a bad one!

Kids are missing school fathers

Abandoning homes and

Single mothers advising boys

Who unknowingly roam along

Rudderless ships in storms !

Eating up the cracks at home

Lead painting sweet to taste

Meth K2 vaping is ya new

UPS FedEx and the industry

Pursues the young as they are

Budding trees cut down too young

For Whitney’s I will always love

Ya! Ya hypocrisy is beyond the

Pale brown people going to

Hell as the roaches and bedbugs

NYCHA down for the night!

Twelve deep sleep XXs and Y’s

Mixed in the group leads to

Potential abuse Priestly duties

Ya are Not the father! Nor the

Holy Ghost as y’all pledge

Allegiance to the flag and the

Republicans GOP dems dat believe

Ya hypocrisy! Don’t forget to vote

And just say No Nancy extolled

Mink stole round Ya neck

Strange fruits hanging on

As the world turns and more

Authorities grown at home put in

Trumps ya ace and bids end up

Hunting jobs that pay alot Kam ya

Help me out O thou art my brother?

Spare a dime THC nicotine bud the

Weiser good for y’all? Bottle too

Bottle as the Gills breathe in

And the herons sky bye! Azure

That the Creator has a master plan

As long as Faith too packed the

Biggie smalls zip codes are used

O bam ya drums slowly as the nation

Mourns the passing of ya American

Dream 😴!