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Viktor Bout – Wikipedia To say the least, the guy is not a nice person but we have to admit that he is incredibly industrious and necessary to the people who are in CONTROL of things As KAOS and White Supremacy surely will continue to affirm its way and Arms dealer Maxwell Smart πŸ€“ is no longer just a TV show but a reality As the collateral damaged BG, poor child, used and abused by the Powers that be In a game of Politricks!

At least the poor girl is back home in San Antonio with the family and the Viktor in the Bout also is back to his Bag of Tricks and the whole world just got a little more dangerous with the unfortunate release of one of the most dangerous guys in the entire planet Earth 🌎 okay πŸ‘πŸ‘‹ just wanted to let y’all know that!

The two Caucasian nations is no wonder they agree πŸ’― on things!

Watch “Russia frees US basketball star Brittney Griner in prisoner swap for Viktor Bout – BBC News” on YouTube Basketball πŸ€ For Bullets At Play ⏯️

The Same Old Thing American! A Plea.

The Hypocrisy Of Star ⭐ Worship And The Passing Of A Questionable “Killer”!

Today’s news of the passing of the Killer Jerry Lee Lewis at 87 years old reminded me that Elvis would have been the same age had he not died in his forties. Also the two guys had a liking for young cherries that is, and was questionable, even during the time of their dalliances and worldwide fame.

Odd how they were able to get away unscathed and the Black singer R. Kelly has been vilified and jailed for similar dalliances with young underage girls. Today’s news are mostly positive and the facts of the Killer Jerry Lee Lewis will be covered up by the music hall of Fame and the guy’s unique personality. However it is a known fact that the two white guys were pedophiles otherwise how do we castigate R. Kelly and not those two? As celebrities all three grown men were able to groom and prepare young underage girls to do sexual acts with them and other young “πŸ’” ! Once a thief, always a thief.

The gallstones of the justice system is truly “just” “us” for people who have hues tones colors and the shades are used to break down sweet Jesus o break glass windows with a looking glass as the mirror asks? Are y’all brothers and sisters sure About doing That?! Self destruction Ya headed for self destruction! Self-destruction y’all headed for self destruction. Dare not speak internationally if black or brown treadStones Cointelpro lightly lest you befelled by bullets Black bodies Bear bones Blanched! Medgar Malcolm Martin Andrew Young expelled from the U.N.!

Palestinians and Israelis what that got to do with y’all?! Keep it inside and even Jesse Jackson is along for the bus 🚐 ride As the rides are used to rise Flat breads at the end of the day check βœ”οΈ for the reverend Al Sharp-tongued only thing good from him is the Perm. Politricks and people don’t mix LLC’s now we can speak and set up the donation schedule really quick!

And the Hypocrisy Of the whole star ⭐ Worship is the whitewashed versions P.C.’ed up puff pieces extolling their virtues while concealing their faults and many human errors.

No one is perfect but the way they are portrayed to the public is calculated by many factors which most of all are based on the race religion and wealth of the person in question! Stars get treated differently and even R. Kelly gets some perks while doing his thing I believe I can fly πŸ™‚ Ok So I bid a good journey for the Killer Jerry Lee Lewis Elvis Presley and the Black singer R Kelly too bad you were born in the wrong era, Oh well! H.G. Wells as well liked young 🌱 cherries πŸ’ too.

HG Wells anyone!?
Nothing but a hound πŸ• dog!

Kanye West Is A Murderer!

Matricide is not painless unlike suicide which is! Mental health care reasons why Kanye West is guilty of the crime by giving the money for the opportunity to arise! His mom and her needless death β˜ οΈπŸ™πŸ’— young man should be on a daily watch ⌚

Herschel Walker And Abortion Rights! A View.

CNN reports on Herschel Walker and the allegations that he paid a woman to get an abortion. Walker went on Fox news to strongly refute the facts of the matter.

Football is creating a new group of people who are clearly corrupt Favre and stupid Walker! I guess the Hits to the Head πŸ—£οΈ are doing damage and it shows.

The Stork And The Nightingale! A Poem.

Fatherhood and The Black Men debate rages ever more!
Thought it was going to be easy! Guess Not 🚫