The Scourge Reigning Ya Olde Europe!

To the viktor go the spoils of war! Put in the bout for the crimes against humanity and vaping in the bear’s den lands Ya in an arctic prison. To the viktor go the spoils of war of attrition and casualties of war dawn overtaking the sunset as the greediness and bombardment of Ukrainian oilfield […]

Ode To Dr Hook And The Medicine Show! An Eulogy.💀

He was only 16 only 16 much too young to know What was coming along head over heels Love too strong What was coming along He was only 16 only 16 But under his bed He kept a Glock and a .45! He was only 16 only 16 and Too much time During summertime caused […]

Whatever Works For Ya! A Thought 🤔

One thing for sure Once you arise Just checking for Breath to know we’re Alive! Whatever works for y’all Give thanks and Keep the vibe. The trick to staying Humbled and Survive live honorably never lie. The streets aren’t no joke Ain’t gonna Stop being dog eat dog foe no One! Whatever works for y’all […]

In The Court Of Public Opinion!⁉️

Joe Biden is not doing well as the ratings can attest! Bumping fists with the Prince did not Sit well with the hypocrites and ya politricksters. The voting public is delusional and easy fodder for The Democrats and GOP! The players who hold the trump ♦️card Still Believe that right is white and white is […]


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