Brett’s Favreite Charity!

The gall of the Man is beyond belief but he has always been a great gunslinger for the NFL. Can you believe that he is in the hall of infamy forever and ever, the most daring quarterback now A Common Criminal jail time for the whole lot!

The Death Of A Monarch 👸 A Musing.

Blue blooded tears are shed as the unfed are continually told that things will get better sooner rather than later and now we have a new King 👑 🤴 to continue the legacy of privilege royalty and lines of succession! Truly a disgrace that still we deal with this bullcrap and not with the droughts […]

In Souls There Is No Sex! A Thought 🤔

One thing that must be said the Quakers were correct 💯 on the equation of Spiritual Light 🕯️ bestowed on Humanity! Unfortunately racism and white rage is moving steadily to the Right ▶️ In doing so it is wreaking havoc and insurrection is the New Norm Let it be Known That if ya DOJ and […]


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