The Cult Of Personality! A brief view.

No way will I tell y’all about the psychosis behind the actions of hangers on acolytes Lambones guys who hang out with popular friends with power in this case the former president who has a bunch of knucklehead people who are attached to the Trump name. Trump is not the smartest man and due to his arrogance he has been doing well with being the voice of the derailed American dream that his believers crave so much. Played by the Arabs Russians and Chinese interests the Guy is about the money.

In history we have guys like Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Dong and Lenin Hitler Stalin who were revered feared idolized as they terrorized the citizenry and cleansed the population of the ones who dared to want to simply live free! Seems like the dream American or otherwise is not really working out for anyone except the very rich versus poor people WOW what the heck we all know that shit! Same old same old. Idolatry iconic imagery look in the mirror before you go bleep bleep talking bullshit! The Cult Of Personality is a real thing and the former president is no joke Ain’t no joke so folks even if convicted the Guy will run for President and the hangers on acolytes Lambones will be there to cheer his bigotry!

This must stop!

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