The Reluctant Conquest! A Poem.

Th Bald eagle πŸ¦… pounced on the old galleon’s booty as it had flown above and seen the Butcher Weyler wielding swords βš”οΈ at heads of rebel troops! Reluctantly it swooped down and about landing Guam the Phillipines Cuba and Puerto Rico along with the canal running in the isthmus of Panama! Coming home to a hero’s welcome for almost one hundred twenty five years the Bald eagle πŸ¦… flies peacefully all over the world 🌍 bringing peace hope fertility and no one left behind in this this sublime borderless Land home of the free and the Braves who Long ago were killed wantonly! Custer just the Root to a tree which still recklessly still exists!

Reluctantly the Bald Eagle πŸ¦… flies overhead while trillions and trillions is Our National Debt!

Good Ole American exceptional ism!

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  1. theexiledexhorter

    Crazy muthsfuggers kevins Karen’s and Brads amber heard anyone else like Mo Nique vivica a fox 🦊 bunches of entitled folks. Kardashians is the most vile thing okay


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