On His Way To Harlem!

North 🌟 Star beckons cons refugees slaves malcontents drunkards and whores.

Lowest of the low ! Yet in despair they paired Black Irish so pale faced it scared natives to repair to what was the olden times. Kemetic Greek Roman au pair whitewashed epic tale foretold and still relevant the total revision of the Truth and Peace! Each person can pray to whom ever they want 👍

Fake news 45 declared 📜 as the country has despaired with a menace worse than a hunter’s bid and an sleepy old Joe There!

White 🏠 of blues 💙 chi town knew guns 🔫 are out of bounda but how do ya Dare?

1 thought on “On His Way To Harlem!

  1. theexiledexhorter

    Forty acres and a mule what a promise unkept for the jubilee or was it Juneteenth imagine how for five years no one had a clue that the dreaded peculiar thing was no longer a good hinge for the white supremacist to maintain their vile views!
    And as Pharoah sanders played monk’s tunes leon Thomas or maybe Bigger that native son concocted by wright’s despair! A stark view of the urban life for those parties involved in the great migration North Star are ya there for me and everyone else in the midst of the worst prisoner program ever invented by the 666 people! To live in a new world order by which one believes that we are freed men and women and in reality we are still in jail yea jail or maybe just maybe the Truman show is the real truth! Imprisoned after captivity and enslavement then set off in search of a dream deferred to the northern sphere and all along we are still in jail and freedom is just a dream!
    I have a dream that one day…!
    The doors of dissolution and despair will be repaired and finally we will reach the North Star ⭐️ and the next generation won’t have to deal with the same crap as we have!


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