3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dominican 🇩🇴🍾🎉🎈🥳👨‍🏫👨‍⚕️👮‍♀️🕵️‍♀️👨‍🚒🕵️🤩🙌

  1. theexiledexhorter

    Flames fires 🔥 cannons
    Blasting @El Conde Street
    Cannons ablazing shouts
    Libertad Libertad
    Debris, corpses mutilated
    Limbs flailing raining
    Strewn Asunder! Black white
    Bodies red white and blues 💙
    Uniforms French Haitian mercenaries
    Quisqueyanos Valientes Alcemos!
    Nuestro canto convive emocion!
    After 22 years of Boyer’s regime
    JPD, Sanchez Mella
    Los Trinitarios!
    🏆 🏆 🏆
    Happy birthday Juan Pablo Duarte@theexiledexhorter


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