New Year’s Resolutions.

From the before to the again we make promises to Ying and Ya Yang!

69 In some spaces May be seen in ya different lights, shades of blues and some grays, red if ya will but then again given present circumstances may not be such a great idea! However whom are we Westerners to judge the wisdom of the old Eastern world? Merely children still at the Teat of knowledge and understanding grasping for the accompanying mental clarity that comes with patience and wisdom.

And as the new year pushed at the door of 2021, the Old Man held steadfast refusing to concede even in the face of Universal Agreement proving that racism and division will always continue to subvert influence and control American politics!

Happy New Year 🎈🎊🎆!
Storming out of ya television screens! 😢 😧 Jajaja!
Still frustrating to see veterans homeless In NYC. It bothers me greatly because all you see on tv is bullcrap!

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