The Folly Of Narcissism And So-Called Culture Of Personality.

The 🤴 wears no crown 👑 after the Beat Down!

Narcissus of Ya Greek mythology is a dashing young man who one day by chance gets a peek at his own physique and facial features and thus falls in love with himself. The Gods’ punishment is to make Narcissus a waterside flower 🌺 that spends all day staring at itself! Not much of a life I guess.

Our fearless leader heard all the clamor and applause 👏🏾 in 2016; in January 20 the doors 🚪 of the Casa Blanca will hit his Broadside on its Wide side as the president unwittingly has to say, “Bye, goodbye ya nasty and weak American people who turned ya backs on me, I hate you all.” Sincerely, Ex-President Trump, the nice guy Jajaja

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