Dems’ 🥳 But We’d Just Getting 🌟Ed!

As much as you want to tell Jah yourself, about how well the ride back from Hell, was a Success!

But not having the votes to tally; the countless threats to Democracy the continued Mockery’s use! No respect for institutional norms how are the people of the USA 🇺🇸 to trust Government ever again?

Dems’ 🥳 but we are ya getting started! Out of 23, Michael 🇯🇴 please woof, woof; spawned a man 👨 who threw All Conversation to the Winds of Retro 2.0 Yelp recommendations and Nielsen 📺 ratings based on 33.427% of the USA 🇺🇸 popularity quotients.

AOC, not even old enough for the Oval Office is promised 🤗 and 😘 at the podiums of ya powerful forces; ya just hopes the 🧗‍♀️ is beneficial for the people.

Not some Obama Scheme; like the Clinton Legacy and DeBlasio/McCray Brooklyn Grab. The Whole Lot smells so bad, Cuomos stick around ya Also part of the crowds.

Trump I declare that ya know what ya got! 🇺🇸 and the red of the 🌎; Uncle Hoe Bidder is the antidote for the pain wrought by the 1% on the red of us. Blues be damned! I am just wondering if y’all have anything else that Will surprise me? Americans please stop whining and whining about the truth and change course and begin together a better place for the young people and the children of the world 🌍.

Is Trump the guy for the job? Or is Uncle Joe? For me the VP’s are crucial because the two freezes may not remain viable for the 4 year period.

Dems’ celebrations 🎊 Black Lives Matter ✊🏾 is the time for y’all to really discuss this beautiful day and ya know what our future endeavors are truly about; Democratic Revolution is a bust for me and you know what you gotta do, I am voting 🗳 Kamala in view; it’s time for y’all to decide! Stop 🛑 playing, stop playing !

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