The Fortunate Few, a musing.

Life for the fortunate few is at least, somewhat filled with pain.

Unpredictable, packed too tight with myriads of surprises. It’s a wonderful life after all,

Daily we struggle with our own personal demons beset by the realities that once it happens, dissolution, nothing can be done to reconcile…No redo’s made the agenda.

Vietnam and the travesty of it all As countless young lost their lives and innocence to body bags and drugs too strong for them to comprehend nor understand the Bends of addiction as we let the Vets stew in their vices and devices. Da Nang was a nightmare Too long in our psyche yet so much of us; the young laid to waste away.

Cemeteries are the most beautiful places, to lay down to rest, Eternally but in the meantime we must do more than merely survive We who never quit Must always Strive. Strivers’ Row was no fluke, flounder or whiting Nah, the folks on the Row were Black educated cultured perfumed Well coiffed and filled with bouncy jazzy attitudes!

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